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July 2016

When Does a Car Become a Junk Car?

That may sound like a silly question to most Dallas drivers but if you have a borderline clunker the most accepted answer is if the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle in the “restored” condition then it’s a junk car. In other words if you need to spend $3500 in repairs and the car, with repairs, is only worth $2800 then you probably will be better off …Read More

How Your Junk Car Can Help You When the Dallas Economy Has You Down

Oil is big business in Dallas and when the oil industry gets clobbered like it has over the past six years a lot of people in Dallas and elsewhere in Texas get clobbered as well. If you are one of the thousands that have been hit by the downturn then you are probably still waiting for a “recovery” that everyone is talking about.