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5 Things Your Doing That Break Your Car Faster

If auto repair bills are building up and you’re thinking about selling your car because it’s on its last leg, you may want to consider why it’s falling apart before you buy a new ride and start a new round of trips to the shop. Now nobody expects a “new” car to develop problems right away and if it does it’s usually covered by a warranty. However, there are certain …Read More

The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back – Hail Damaged Cars

Somebody really ticked off Mother Nature this year and she has graced us with torrential rains, floods and of course, driving hail. We’re not talking about that little ping of ice that bounces off your hood; we’re talking about golf ball to softball chunks of ice that crack windshields and make your car look like it was loaned out to a piñata party. Serious hail can seriously trash your ride. …Read More

Selling Your Used or Damaged Motorcycle Can Be a Challenge

Is it time to sell your motorcycle? Did you run into something and bang it up or are you just over the whole motorcycle thing and want to move on. Surprisingly, many people buy motorcycles because “it seemed like a cool thing to do” only to learn that riding exposed to the elements and dodging semis on the freeway really wasn’t the “Low Rider” experience they thought it would be. …Read More

Junk Cars in Houston – Selling, Buying and Giving Away

If you look around the streets and freeways of Houston you’ll see plenty of sleek luxury automobiles and big hunky SUVs but you’ll also find that the Space City has its fair share of junk cars cruising or clunking down the road. Maybe you’re driving one. Now the definition of junk car or clunker will vary depending on the opinion of the driver. One man’s bucket of bolts may be …Read More