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FAQ About Selling Your Car

Should I be with the car when it’s picked up?

It is best to meet with our representative to complete the necessary paperwork and receive payment. However, arrangements can be made with Brokenvehicles.com to leave the car in a designated location along with the necessary documentation inside the car.

Can I sell a car that was abandoned on property that I own?

Brokenvehicles.com recommends that you contact your local police station to receive instructions on the proper procedure for handling abandoned vehicles left on your property. You will need to do this before you contact brokenvehicles.com.

What if I cannot find my vehicle title?

You can normally obtain a Certified Copy of your vehicle Title by contacting the motor vehicle department in your state. Brokenvehicles.com will need title to the vehicle before payment can be made.

How much will I receive when I sell my car?

Brokenvehicles.com uses a computer system to determine the most we are willing to pay for any vehicle. The quote is based on our database of vehicle values and includes factors such as the condition of your vehicle, the year, make, model, and mileage. We also look at the daily value of scrap metal prices. This system allows us to offer our customers the highest quotes for their vehicles in the industry.

When can I expect my car to be picked up?

Brokenvehicles.com tries to have all vehicles picked up within 24-48 hours.

When do I get paid?

In most cases, our Company Representative will come to evaluate your vehicle and deliver your payment on the same day!

What if I am not the owner of the car but I have possession of the title?

Before you can sell a car, the title must be transferred into your name as the owner of the car. That means, it has to be printed on the front of the title from the state that issued the title, not just signed over on the back. If you have questions, please call us before writing anything on the title.

Is it necessary for me to have the keys?

Having the keys is not a problem if you vehicle is being scrapped but if not you should make every attempt to locate the keys to the vehicle, it will impact the value of the vehicle.

What types of vehicles will you buy?

Brokenvehicles.com buys all cars! Running or not. No matter the condition or make or model. Call us  now to get an INSTANT OFFER! 1-800-880-1210.