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How Your Junk Car Can Help You When the Dallas Economy Has You Down

Oil is big business in Dallas and when the oil industry gets clobbered like it has over the past six years a lot of people in Dallas and elsewhere in Texas get clobbered as well. If you are one of the thousands that have been hit by the downturn then you are probably still waiting for a “recovery” that everyone is talking about.

BLOGjunkcarcanhelpYou have already cut your expenses to the bone and you are scared to death of an unexpected bill or emergency that will cost money you simply don’t have.

However, you may have an asset that can bring you some help. If you have a car that is so beat up it would cost more to fix it than it would be worth in the “fixed” condition, then you have a junk car and it can be worth dollars. Maybe you were just waiting for things to get better and your financial position improved to make the repairs needed to get the clunker rolling again. But if you need cash…like today…then you should consider getting cash for your car even though it doesn’t run.

There is a Market for Junk Cars in Dallas and Across the Country

It may look like a piece of junk to you but to a scrap yard there is value in the steel, lead, aluminum, copper and other materials that make up your car. For a salvage yard it’s the parts and components particularly if your car is a popular model.

If you are thinking about going the scrap yard, salvage yard route then you’ll want to call all of them in the area to get quotes and to find out if they tow the vehicle for free or charge. Different yards have different customers and there may be a significant difference in quotes particularly with the salvage yards.

There is another market for your junk car. In Dallas and most other major cities in all 50 states there is an outfit called Broken Vehicles that specializes in buying junk cars. They have a nationwide network of salvage buyers and auto auctions that allow them to offer top dollar for your junk car and they make it easy.

It starts with you filling out an online form giving the basics and condition of your car or truck. They are open 7 days a week for your convenience. Once they receive your form they will send you a top dollar quote. If you like what you see the transaction can be completed (cash in your hand and the vehicle removed) typically in the same day.

Stop searching your couch for loose change and find out how much that old junk car is worth today.