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Selling Your Used or Damaged Motorcycle Can Be a Challenge

Is it time to sell your motorcycle? Did you run into something and bang it up or are you just over the whole Sell your wrecked Motorcyclemotorcycle thing and want to move on. Surprisingly, many people buy motorcycles because “it seemed like a cool thing to do” only to learn that riding exposed to the elements and dodging semis on the freeway really wasn’t the “Low Rider” experience they thought it would be.
With motorcycles you either love them or you dump them there is rarely any middle ground.
But it doesn’t matter which camp you belong to, selling a used motorcycle, particularly if it is damaged can be a time consuming and confusing exercise.

Bring In the Usual Suspects

Let’s assume for a moment your bike runs and you are just looking to recoup part of your investment in it. You have a number of marketing channels available to you and each has its pros and cons. If you are going to try and sell it yourself you can use:
CraigsList where strangers come to your house, want to take it for a test ride and then pay you with a check.
eBay where the process is more secure but where you have to figure out how to handle out of state paperwork not to mention how to ship the thing.
Social media contacts like followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook where you not only have all the problems of CraigsList and eBay but your selling to somebody you know and more importantly they know how to reach you.
Hang a sign on the bike and park it outside your house. This one has all the problems of CraigsList plus strangers start showing up unannounced.
If your bike has dings but the engine runs and the frame and forks are not bent you can try all the options above but you are going to need a good story to go with a low price to get the bike sold. If the bike has more than dings and is truly wrecked your options are pretty much limited to selling parts.
The problem with selling a bike for parts is the competition. Almost all wrecked motorcycles have damage to the front end which means the salvageable parts are from the back end…just like everyone else that’s trying to part out their bike.

A Faster Way to Sell Your Motorcycle With Minimum Hassle

If your bike is undamaged or even if it has a few dings there is a faster, simpler way to sell it. Go to a dealer like Broken vehicles that specializes in buying (not selling) used motorcycles. Eliminate the need to advertise your bike. Eliminate dealing with potential buyers and lookie-loos. Don’t sweat getting paid and don’t worry about local DMV forms and submissions.
At Broken Vehicles we give you a written offer and if you accept it you are out the door in 30 minutes with the money in your pocket. All you need to bring is the bike and the title, we do all the rest. Get your bike sold today rather than waiting weeks or maybe months.
Even if your bike has some damage we will take a look at it and let you know what we think it’s worth. Depending on the popularity of the model we have taken in bikes with damage provided the damage didn’t make the bike unworthy for the road.
If you are looking to sell your motorcycle, give one of our locations a call today or complete the form for a free quote.