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The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back – Hail Damaged Cars

Somebody really ticked off Mother Nature this year and she has graced us with torrential rains, floods and of course, driving hail. We’re not talking about that little ping of ice that bounces off your hood; we’re talking about golf ball to softball chunks of ice that crack windshields and make your car look like it was loaned out to a piñata party.

Serious hail can seriously trash your ride.hail damaged cars

And it’s expensive to repair.

Now if you have comprehensive coverage you’ll be out the deductible but at least you’ll be able to get your vehicle back to almost new condition. But if you have an older car, with no comprehensive, you are either out a fortune repairing the dents or you have to drive a major eyesore. If your older car has other issues like iffy brakes, vibrations that tell you an alignment is in order or tires that are just about shot you are likely going to be torn between investing deeply to get the car road worthy or selling it and cutting your losses.

But who is going to buy a car with extensive hail damage?

Welcome to the World of Broken Cars

Technically your car isn’t salvage unless the windshield or widows are broken. In other words in most states you won’t have to get a salvage title. But who is going to buy a banged up body that also has other problems? Surprisingly there are a lot of people.

You obviously will not get as much as you would without the damage but a quick look at sites like CraigsList will show you what your market values hail damaged cars at. Enthusiasts, restorers, “flippers”, charities, and used parts dealers looking for bargains.

Hail damage comes with another problem. When those ice balls were falling from the sky they didn’t just hit your car, they pummeled every other vehicle on the road as well. Most will be repaired but many will be in the same boat as you meaning that the inventory of hail damaged cars and trucks will be glutted. If you can afford to hold off for a month or two do it. Let the inventory get back to normal and you’ll increase your odds of getting a better price.

Of course when you advertise your car you are opening yourself up to the sometimes frustrating tasks of dealing with lookers, cheapskates, missed appointments and other annoyances before you find someone who is a legit buyer. You can avoid all that if you sell directly to a dealer like Broken Vehicles who specializes in cars just like yours.

If you go this route the whole process simply involves filling out an online form describing your car and requesting a quote. If the quote is acceptable the dealer will send out an inspector to ensure the car is as you described it, a tow truck and cash. You can complete the whole transaction in your driveway usually the same day you accept the quote.

What makes sense to you?