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When Does a Car Become a Junk Car?

That may sound like a silly question to most Dallas drivers but if you have a borderline clunker the most accepted answer is if the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle in the “restored” condition then it’s a junk car. In other words if you need to spend $3500 in repairs and the car, with repairs, is only worth $2800 then you probably will be better off selling it as junk or salvage than spending the money on restoring it.

That’s a simple answer but it can get more complicated if that “junk car” is not located on your property.

BLOGwhencarisjunkIf for example your car is at a repair shop and you can’t afford the repair the owner of the shop may charge you a storage fee for every day it sits on his property. If your car gave out in a parking lot somewhere, the owner of that property can have it towed to a lot where it will start accruing storage fees. If your car is abandoned on the side of the road or any public property, Dallas or the county or the state will eventually use the plates or VIN to track you down and charge you for their cost of towing the junk off public land.

If the car is not on your property it’s best to bite the bullet and get it towed to your place; if you don’t you will be on the hook for higher storage and towing fees.

Who Do You Sell a Junk Car To?

In Dallas, as in most of the rest of the country you have 4 options to sell your junk car and one to give it away. If you are looking for cash from your junk car you will want to do some shopping around to find the best net deal.

  • Salvage yards. These folks are interested in your parts. If your junk car is a popular make and model its undamaged parts are worth some bucks to these folks. Typically you can get a quote over the phone or online but it will be contingent on a physical inspection. There’s also the question of towing. Some yards will tow your junk car away for free others will want to charge.
  • Junk yards. These operations are more interested in the steel in your chassis and the lead in your battery. They quote based on the value of the scrap metals thy can extract from your car. Like salvage yards they may or may not charge for towing.
  • Sell it yourself. This is always an option and you can list your junk car on CraigsList or others in hopes of finding a buyer who wants to restore the car and seek a salvage title. The process is rife with problems and is not recommended.
  • Sell it to a specialist. In Dallas, as well as many major cities nationwide, a company called Broken Vehicles specializes in buying junk cars. It’s as simple as filling out an online form which describes the car and condition and then getting a quote. If you like the price, Broken Vehicles can be at your home, inspect the car and pay you top dollar all in the same day. No more junk car worries and you’ll have dollars in your pocket.
  • Lastly you can give the vehicle to any of a number of charities who will tow it for free and you could end up with a tax deduction at the end of the year.